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guest house on reserve

The Reserve is easily accessed from the Iquitos-Nauta highway. The entrance to the reserve is located at Km 47, approximately one hour's journey by car from Iquitos. There is a regular minibus service to Nauta which leaves from the corner of Prospero and Galvez streets in Iquitos. Alternatively you can take a taxi. We ask visitors to contact our Iquitos office before setting off for the reserve.

In the forest, the reserve is organized into "concentric circles". The central circle (or "bull's eye") is the medicinal garden. Then the next concentric circle expanding from this organized medicinal garden is the Live Pharmacy and finally the rest of the forest itself. All in all the reserve has grown to encompass nearly 12000 hectares of primary rainforest and a comprehensive medicinal plant garden.

The primary base camp house #1 is shown below in the gallery. A two-day trip will take you to Base camp house #2. Then crossing the Nanay River and back by boat is an amazing four day trip to Base camp house #3 in which anything can happen!

Bannana Flower.

Base Camp House #1

Forest Plants

Woman Weaving

Medicinal plants.