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Live Pharmacy

Live Pharamacies (a continuum of wild and semi-domesticate medicinal plants in nature reserves and medicinal gardens), are a highly effective way of promoting forest conservation and sustainable use of forest resources in ways that make sense to residents in Amazonian forest communities. Althought the concept is paid lip service in international policies, it has not been implemented. Thereis a need for a working model based on a pilot Live Pharamacy that can be documented in action. This we have set out to do with the Yakaumamay Live Pharmacy in Peruvian Amazonia.

The Yakumamay Live Pharmacy is already operational with medicinal gardens in operation. The demarcation and registration of titles to the forest reserve as well as the establishment of the now spectacular Yakumamay garden have been achieved gradually on a shoestring budget with good will from all involved.

Bannana Flower.

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